Roth solar package – intercoordinated components from a single source

Roth offers ready-to-install systems. From standard installations for service water heating to complex installations for supporting heating systems, you will find the right package for each application on hand with Roth solar collectors, Roth solar station, Roth regulation units and Roth storage tanks.
Components carefully coordinated with one another guarantee optimal operation and reliability. We placed special emphasis on longevity and ease of installation when selecting the materials to be used in the production process.


Optimal results can be achieved with your Roth solar system when used in combination with the Roth heat distribution systems and the Roth domestic water system. The combination with heat pump systems is also possible.

One can thus take advantage of synergy effects within the complete system, while at the same time obtaining a solution customised to individual requirements.


Brochure Roth Solar Systems (PDF, 2.93 MB)