Roth fresh water station – with circulation pump and integrated regulation unit

Hydraulic system
The compact and fully preassembled Roth fresh water station (FriWa) for convenient and hygienic domestic water heating operates on the instantaneous water heater principle. The hot water is heated as and when it is needed – quickly, safely and hygienically – so there is always a supply of fresh, hot and clean domestic water without the need for a hot water tank. The stainless steel plate heat exchanger has a large thermal length thus allowing a low primary supply and return temperature.

It is completely integrated in the insulation. The energy required to heat the domestic water comes from a buffer storage tank, which can be heated by a wide and diverse range of systems – by solar systems, solid fuel boilers, conventional oil-fired or gas-fired boilers, or by other systems. The fact that the Roth fresh water station requires low primary temperatures makes it ideal for use in conjunction with a solar thermal system and a low-temperature heating system. The station is ready-mounted on a steel wall bracket, making wall installation very quick and easy. The domestic water connections are located at the bottom of the station for access and installation purposes.


Integrated regulation unit
The regulation unit is fully preassembled, preset and prewired. The primary pump speed control depends on temperature and volume flow, allowing quick and precise regulation of the hot water temperature setting. This speed control is assisted by an electronic flow measurement in the secondary circuit. This provides for the simultaneous recording of the heat flow volume. If required, the circulation pump can be pulse-operated, time-controlled or temperature-controlled. A three-way crossover valve can also be selected (not supplied with the product). This enables very hot primary return water (generated during the operation of the circulation pump) to be returned to the buffer storage tank at a higher level, preserving the colder lower level of the buffer storage tank.

The integrated heat flow volume reading is a traightforward facility for showing the energy required to heat the domestic water. As an alternative to the fresh water station with an integrated electronic regulation unit, Roth offers a hydraulic fresh water station with a proportional volume regulation unit for the lower end of the power range up to 25 l/min. The station also has a flow switch, a storage pump, a thermostat-controlled control valve and a large plate heat exchanger, as well as being fully insulated.

At a glanceBenefitsDownload
  • No hot water tank required
  • Large dispensing capacity of up to 40 l/min
  • Optimal cooling of heating circuit water
  • Ready to plug in, compact build
  • Different methods of circulation
  • Low supply temperature of 50 °C sufficient to heat water to 45 °C
  • Heat flow volume recording for hot water used
  • Hygienic and fresh hot water at all times
  • Versatile and suitable for use in detached and semi-detached houses, sports complexes, old people’s homes, etc.
  • Easily integrated in existing heating systems with buffer storage tank
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Highly adaptable to different user requirements
  • Ideally suited to integration in lowtemperature heating systems and solar systems