Roth RS 25/6 and 25/7 solar stations – easy on your budget


Fully compatible with the overall system

Roth solar stations are inspected for leaks before they leave the factory. This saves time and money at the point of installation. The special solar pump is custom-built for use in constant temperatures of up to 100 °C and can even withstand maximum temperatures of up to 120 °C for short periods. The flow meter has been developed for heavy-duty use in solar systems and is set at the factory to take water/anti-freeze mixtures of 40-50 %. It also has an extended display range of 2 to 16 l/min.

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Individual connection options of 18 and 22 mm copper and precision steel pipes

  • Integrated fill/flush fitting
  • Including fill/drain valve
  • MAG connection kit and wall bracket
  • Air vent pipe with manual air vent